The Dragons GFSN team is open to all genders, and is the part of the club that plays nationally in the Gay Football Supporters Network, or GFSN league. Our mixed team also participates in an 11-a-side Cardiff Casual League, which plays matches on Sundays every few weeks.

GFSN matches are 11-a-side, and are played mainly on grass or artificial grass, or ocassionally astro-turf. The club is working hard to obtain the best facilities for our home games, which should avoid games getting rained-off during the winter months and will allow more flexibility with kick-off times if there are floodlights.

Dragons Rock


Dragons Rock is open to all women, trans people and non-binary people.

We train at the same venue and time as the mixed-gender GFSN team, but generally train independently just as the Dragons Rock team. We do also encourage mixed sessions with GFSN, and Drocks (short for players of Dragons Rock) are encouraged to also play in GFSN fixtures if it appeals to them.

We train once a week, with matches roughly every 3-4 weeks in Bristol, and try to arrange friendlies or 5-a-side sessions between matches. Over the past year, we have also been taking part in a 7-a-side Cardiff Casual league, with matches on Tuesday evenings at Ocean Park.

We have had cis women, trans women, trans men and nonbinary people play for Dragons Rock over the years and love the diversity within our team.

Players are not forced to play matches, if you just want to train with us, that is totally okay!


Our GFSN team also have members that play for the Dragons in a 5-a-side league at Gôl in Leckwith, near Cardiff City Stadium. Currently this is on a Monday, but this may change.

Athough this league isn’t against other LGBT+ teams or with a particular ethos, we find it to be friendly and our players come away from these matches feeling positive – we even win sometimes!

Goalie Union!

Not exactly a team, but we have created a union in our club of those who are interested in playing in goal for any of the teams mentioned above. This provides a forum for our goalies to share ideas for keeper-specific drills at training, make friends across teams and be recognised as an important part of the Dragons.

Goalkeepers usually spend the first part of the club training session going through GK-specific drills together before joining their respective teams. The club recognises that keepers have different needs to outfield players and we try to accommodate accordingly.

Wales’ first and only Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI+) football club.

All ages (18+) and all abilities welcome.

CPD Dreigiau Caerdydd yw’r unig clwb peldroed Lesbianaidd, Hoyw, Deurywiol a Thrawsrywiol (LHDT+) yng Nghymru.

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